How To Combat and Minimize Sun Damage to Your Skin

During the hot days of summer, people spend their time outside at the beach or the pool, tucked beneath the sun's warmth. You will find many others who opt to perform lawn work, hiking, biking, boating and engaging in sports such as tennis or golf. This means exposure to sun spots and the ultraviolet rays in the skin. How can you minimize sun damage? Are there any remedies available these days?  Here are simple skin care tips that any lip injections newport beach dermatologist will give you that will assist you to enjoy the warm days of summer.

1.    Use sun block lotion with SPF 30 or greater for optimum sun protection. Try to search for cream which includes zinc oxide or titanium oxide. Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before you venture out to the summer sunshine and reapply every 1-2 hours or as directed. Ensure that you buy brand new sunscreen annually. Spray type sunscreens could be easier to apply but do not offer you coverage that is decent. So it's crucial that you are not skimpy when applying. And do not forget your lips. If you have had lip injections Newport beach , you should take extra care of your lips because they are sensitive and protect them from the sun. Put on chap stick or a gloss which has sun protection attributes.

2.    Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! You may change to a water based lotion during the summer time. Lots of individuals have dry skin that is itchy and neglect to moisturize at the summertime.

3.    Shave with a good razor and shaving lotion. Using cream can reduce reddish and stubble spots. Hair conditioner can be used as a shaving cream. For women- shaving your legs can help exfoliate your skin. And for guys- understand that exposing your freshly shaved head into the sun's rays can lead to heat lumps that are debilitating.

4.    Exfoliate your skin. Eliminate dead skin so that it can easily absorb sunscreen creams.

5.    Hydrate yourself. Drink a lot of water. Dehydration hits during the summer months. Look out for headaches and body malaise whenever you're outside in the summer
warmth. These are a few of the signs of dehydration.

Reverse Sun Damage with Modern Skin Care Treatments

Despite all of your summer skin care attempts, there are instances that you see sunlight spots. However, this is not something which you ought to fret about now. As a result of modern technology, you will find skin care treatments that may reverse the damage.  If you are looking for these methods, you should find a dermatologist in newport beach . They will assist you.